Welcome to Purchasing <br> at AL-KO Airtech

Welcome to Purchasing
at AL-KO Airtech

AL-KO Airtech’s purchasing department serves our locations around the world. We join together in the search for the best products with the best partners – fully in line with our philosophy of “Quality for Life”.

Demand spectrum of AL-KO Airtech

AL-KO Airtech’s broad product portfolio in the areas of Air Technology and Extraction Technology go hand in hand with a wide-ranging demand spectrum. AL-KO Airtech’s procurement volume ranges from customer projects in smaller quantities to high-volume serial production. Our sales organization is based on a central product group management system that operates across sites and product lines, with a demand for the following product groups:
Steel products

Sheet metal and coils

Stamped & formed parts


Connecting & securing elements

Welded assemblies & containers


Extruded profiles

Injection molded & deep-drawn parts

Insulating material

EPDM seals


Aluminum & zinc products

Aluminum extruded profiles

Die-cast aluminum

Die-cast zinc

Air technology


Heat exchangers


Air filters

Louvers & exhaust air grilles

Electronics & refrigeration technology

Regulation & control technology

Switch cabinets

Motors / pumps / inverters

Electrical components

Measuring elements



Powder coatings & adhesives

DIN & standard components

Wooden packaging / pallets


Rotary feeders / briquetting presses




Access technology




Cleaning services

Electrical installation



FTL/LTL carriers

General cargo

Industrial packaging

Become a supplier

AL-KO as a partner

AL-KO as a partner

Our top priority is the satisfaction of our customers around the world and constant improvement of this satisfaction.
We are aware that Purchasing is extremely important in maintaining customer satisfaction.

Supplier requirements profile

Supplier requirements profile

The quality of the procured parts and services has a considerable influence on the quality of our products. To ensure the quality of the procured products and to guarantee the performance of our supplier networks, we have high standards for our suppliers and our business relationship with them.

Requirements for a good partnership

Requirements for a good partnership

  • Willingness to cooperate on a long-term basis
  • Transparency and openness in the business relationship
  • Duality in products and processes
  • Cost-conscious price behavior
  • Active participation in the joint implementation of cost reduction measures
  • Dependability in all areas of cooperation with AL-KO Airtech
  • Fulfillment of social and ecological standards
  • Innovation & flexibility
Become a supplier – How to join us

Become a supplier – How to join us

Are you interested in a business relationship with a globally operating enterprise and willing to assume a high level of responsibility regarding quality and innovation? Would you like to become a supplier of AL-KO Airtech?

AL-KO Airtech headquarters at Jettingen Scheppach

AL-KO Airtech says thank you!

We look forward to a successful business relationship based on fairness and cooperation and thank you for your interest in our company.